What is Premier Plus?


Premier Plus is your new blockbuster lineup at Universal Lending – with an amped up portal, celebrity-level customer service and an arsenal of tools to make your star power shine!


Our new portal will go live on Monday, March 5th.  Your current pipeline will carry over automatically.  Please note the portal will be unavailable from Friday, March 2nd 8pm until Monday morning. If you need assistance during the outage, please contact your BSC.


Be sure to bookmark our new address!  www.ulcpremierplus.com


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Please remember to schedule your closing 7-10 days prior to your closing date!

Thank you for your business!

Please report any issues to webinfo@ulc.com

Optimal Blue Pricing Engine:

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Office: (303) 758-4969
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Manual Lock Loan

If you are having problems locking your loan through the website, please use the link below to send a manual lock to our Secondary Marketing Department.


Universal Lending Corporation
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Toll Free:  (800) 758-4063
Office:  (303) 758-4969
Fax:  (800) 273-1087
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